About us

Cooligan is the result of a wealth of memories, feelings and emotions. It all started in an evening in 2014, an evening like many others, when we recalled the names of those who made us live and feel beyond a football game. Those legendary numbers and unique teams that have over time become a part of our lives. It happened the same to all of us: time goes by but memories remain unforgettable in our hearts. It started as kid with our idol’s football shirt. It was the first big emotion football triggered in ourselves. Many other emotions followed in a kind of picture calendar, moves and stories from all the men that have made football great since its inception.

How could we forget Cruyff’s total footbal, that broke down all previous preconceptions until then, or “Kaiser” Beckembauer’s elegance or the smell for goal of that 16 years old boy latter to become “O Rei Pele”? Life, snapshots of magic and admiration. We were confronted with a challenge: we wanted to go further and move from recalling it to live it, or even better emulate it at least for an instant. Just like when we were kids. Getting dressed as a legend even for a moment could be a way to condense all those feelings and values that bond all football lovers together. Make fashion another way of living.

Why waiting for special moments and events if we can remember them every day, every instant? Just put on the shirts, the boots or the sweaters of legends, unique players or national teams. It is a way to recall, to honour and to keep their legacy alive and Cooligan’s humble tribute is to do it with the respect and the quality they deserve. We introduce here to you the result of that exciting idea that we keep developing with emotion and enthusiasm every day. 


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