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  • Camiseta short sleeve.
  • 100% Cotton.

June 20, 1976: "Little Maracaná" Stadium of Belgrade (Red Star Stadium, Yugoslavia). Germany and Czechoslovakia play the European Championship final. A German goal by Hölzenbein in the last minute (2-2) takes the match to extra time and then penalties. All contenders convert their shots until the Teuton Uli Hoeness sends the ball to the clouds. The tension rises to its highest.

The result in the round is 4-3 for the Czechs when Antonin Panenka's turn comes. Confronting him, Sepp Maier, the best goalkeeper in the world. If Panenka scores, he wins the first and only European Championship for Czechoslovakia. He places the ball on the penalty point and stands behind the semicircle; he takes a run and it seems he will shoot the usual way. But Panenka deceives Maier, who dives to his left while the ball does something strange, slow-motion-like... with his right shoe toe, Panenka has raised the ball on a soft chip, and it slips innocently through the centre of the German frame. Goal.


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