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  • T-Shirt short sleeve.
  • 100% Cotton. Slim fit.

It is not easy to wear the shirt of the best club ever. Once they asked Santiago Bernabeu if he considered Real Madrid as “the team of the rich people.” he replied: “They say that Madrid is the team of the wealthy, but the base is among those who built the stadium. There were only 20 aristocratics in the first forty thousand members. Real Madrid is perhaps the most popular club in the world. The titles we have won have made the club a lord.” This phrase is part of the spirit of this club. Never give up, fight to the end. It is how they have forged their great deeds, heroic comebacks in the 80s.

The title of best club in the world comes from the signing of Alfredo Di Stefano in 1953. He came as a renowned player, being 27 years old. Bernabeu said: “There is no young and old players. There are good and bad ones.”


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