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"Victory" ("Escape to Victory") is a famous 1981 film directed by John Huston, starring actors like Michael Cain, Sylvester Stallone or Max von Sydow, and football stars as Pelé, Bobby Moore and Osvaldo Ardiles. The story is inspired on a real event that occurred on August 9, 1942: "The Death Match."

During the Nazi occupation of Kiev (1941-43), football was banned by its past association with the communist police. Josef Kordik, Ukrainian baker, recognized a beggar on the street and hired him as a cleaner. He was Trusevich, goalkeeper of his beloved Dynamo Kyiv.

Kordik asked him to gather as many of his former colleagues as he could find (8) and any from Lokomotiv (3), and gave them a job, while they created the clandestine FC Start. They played a series of games and the word of mouth spread the existence of an unbeatable "team of bakers".

The Luftwaffe and the SS found out, but instead of having them shot, they saw a chance to show German superiority. They created a team with their best players, the Flakelf, they challenged the FC Start, and lost. They asked for a rematch three days later.

In a crowded Zenit Stadium and in the presence of the highest Nazi authorities, the match was arbitrated by an SS referee that allowed all kinds of abuses and breaches of the Germans. Despite the foul game and the threats, FC Start won again 5-3.

A week later the FC Start players were sent to concentration camps. 4 of them died tortured and executed.


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