1857 SHEFFIELD FC (suede)

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  • Leather boot.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Handmade.
  • Lined inside.
  • UE Size.

If England is the cradle of football and its first club, it couldn’t be other way that the origin of football boots was English. However, the first proof we’ve got about the existence of football boots date back to 1525; doctor Maria Hayward, from the Textile Conservation Centre of the Winchester School of Art found out the Great Wardrobe Accounts of Henry VII, discovering a pair of football boots among his clothes. It is known that they were made out of leather and very heavy, and the King wore them to play an archaic sort of football with the young men of his court.

The first football boots specifically made to the game date back to the end of 19th century and they were designed to protect players from rival’s tackling more than to get on better with the game.

The boots you are holding in your handswant to pay homage to the world’s oldest football club according to FIFA: Sheffield FC.

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